June 12, 2024

In this day and age where a large portion of business is relies on the web, it’s important to make sure you are taking advantage of all the different opportunities possible.  Your business should be advertised through social networking, email, a website, search engine optimization, and any other channels that you come across. Since it is important to advertise through so many different subsets of the Internet, it can be difficult to keep all of that information straight.


Many companies handle each of these different parts of their Internet marketing strategy as a separate effort. For instance they will not compare notes or information between their email campaign and their social campaign. By treating each different part of their marketing as a separate unit they are making their lives harder and throwing out possible ways to increase profits.


A dedicated automated marketing platform is a helpful solution for any company looking to get their name out there over the Internet. This solution combines the different subsets of Internet marketing, such as gathering leads from forms and surveys, marketing through email, and monitoring and updating social networking sites, onto a single platform.


Connecting the Dots

This one platform shares information between those different sections and helps create a smooth transition between capturing leads and then marketing to those leads without requiring work from you every step of the way.


On top of streamlining transitions between different steps of Internet marketing, most automated platforms also increase your capabilities in each of the different advertising areas as well.


Improved Email Marketing

For instance instead of just allowing you to send out bulk emails to everyone on your list, you will be able to drip feed streams of emails and send out emails based on trigger responses as well. There are even solutions that let you pick and choose different categories of contacts to email for a more focused marketing strategy.


Lead Generation

In business one of the most important steps to selling a product is lead generation. In most cases people will gather the emails of leads by using a simple form or survey. This doesn’t change much with most automated solutions, but what you do with the leads after you have them does change somewhat.


A good solution will closely track the pages that your leads visited, while also assigning specific email campaigns to those leads so that you can begin taking full advantage of them right away. This type of solution will also give you the power to direct your leads to custom pages after the form has been submitted, which opens up lots of different marketing possibilities.


Marketing is a time consuming task, and when you decide to rely on an automated marketing platform, you take some of that work out of your life. You can spend time setting up a single campaign and then use that to run all the different areas of your marketing. You will reduce the effort you have to put into the process, and simplify marketing in general.