July 23, 2024

Single lens reflex (SLR) digital cameras offer the capability to view straight through the main lens while capturing. This allows you to see actual structure and concentrate before compressing the trigger. The new Digital SLR’s (DSLR’s) are developing quite a hype due to their high-resolution sensors and cost-effective price tag. Before to 2002, an electronic SLR would run you somewhere between $6000 – $60,000. The new Nikon D100 DSLR is costing a more cost-effective $1999. Additional enclosures for Cannon and Fuji DSLR electronic cameras will also outflow in, however almost all producers will restrict their development to Nikon designs. The D100 will be best reinforced DSLR for underwater use.

Digital pictures can be taken with a wide range of electronic cameras such as lightweight digital and even electronic cameras. While these digital cameras allow you to compose pictures through the LCD display, DSLR’s require you to capture through the viewfinder and use the LCD for picture evaluation only. The new DSLR’s offer shutter delays that are only in microseconds and are perceptibly quick. The faster focus speeds of these cameras also rate up their response and usually function well even in decreased light. The Nikon D100 unfortunately does not have the impressive focus motor of the D1x or even the F100 because of the reason that it is developed around the N80 entry-level film SLR. D100 is found to perform good except for the more time macro lenses like the Nikkor 105mm micro. A manual focus ring is recommended when using this lenses for extreme close-up works. To help the camera focus and decrease your frustration it is recommended the use of a housing mounted focus light when catching any kind of close-up lens.