July 22, 2024

Tech podcasts provide a great way to stay current on technological trends. Ranging from life hacks and coding tips, these podcasts offer invaluable insight into the world of technology.

No matter your interest, from Apple product aficionado to learning about AI’s potential future applications, these top tech podcasts will keep you informed and entertained.

1. The Upgrade by Lifehacker

Tech is constantly advancing at an astonishingly rapid rate; keeping up with it all alone can be nearly impossible; podcasts provide an effective solution.

The Upgrade is a tech podcast that makes life hacks an audio experience. Each week, guests come onstage to teach useful techniques for making digital life more efficient and useful.

If you want to know what’s happening in the world of technology, then this podcast is an essential listen. Each episode covers one software topic in detail and gives the latest news and analysis on that specific area of software development. Plus, interviews are conducted with some of the top technologists from within industry – one episode follows someone who hacks buildings for a living!

2. The Talk Show with John Gruber

If you’re interested in Apple or the tech industry as a whole, this podcast should not be missed. Each episode takes an in-depth look at news stories that might otherwise go unreported and explores them further to give a fuller view of its subject matter.

Each episode delves deeply into an intriguing aspect of science or technology, weaving interviews with experts into an engaging narrative. Recent episodes have covered a Dominican Republic hacker who breaks into buildings for a living; Tunguska;s mysterious impact; and whether disabled people would make good astronauts.

Dan Pop engages with fascinating tech leaders, learning their stories of both success and failure to motivate and inspire you to succeed in your own endeavors. Additionally, guests discuss new tech trends and technologies you should know about.

3. Clockwise

Clockwise Podcast is an engaging tech podcast with hosts renowned for their friendly banter and insightful analysis.

This podcast from The Verge is the ideal way to keep abreast of technological events. The show includes interviews with experts as well as discussions of wider implications from technological innovations.

Submitting just one simple upgrade gives you full access to podcast viewership statistics for three million shows, such as Clockwise. This data can help you better understand their audience size and determine if pitching to them as either guest or sponsor would be worth your while. Click here for more info!

4. Innovating with Scott Amyx

Technology podcasts offer an invaluable glimpse into the world of technological innovation, whether you are an innovator yourself or simply keeping up with industry trends. Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway’s Recode podcast offers insights and bold forecasts on recent tech breakthroughs; for Apple lovers there’s the Talk Show with John Gruber for endless Apple content!

Laptop lizards will love Bits, an intriguing show that explores digital revolutions, software wizardry and the latest gadgets. But this show also looks beyond customer-facing trends to provide business technology experts with essential updates. Insightful interviews, life-altering discoveries and inventions are discussed each episode; so each time you tune in there’s always something new to learn!

5. Thoughtworks

ThoughtWorks was established as a technology consultancy in 1993 and offers integrated strategies, designs, and software engineering. Their services span product design and design, data analytics/AI/digital transformation/operations services as well as enterprise modernization/platforms services as well as cloud and digital application management/operations services.

ThoughtWorks veteran Patrick Sarnacke has seen just about everything when it comes to providing IT in unconventional circumstances. In this podcast episode, Sarnacke shares his experiences and provides lessons learned for anyone wanting to pursue similar work.

Managers of engineering teams require regular feedback sessions. Not all retrospectives, however, offer equal results; in this episode of our podcast Paulo Caroli shares tips on delivering engaging retrospectives that help team members grow continuously.

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