April 13, 2024

The Android os is managed by a range of software organizations, electronic devices producers and cellular network providers, named the “Open Handset Alliance”. Samsung is a part of the partnership, and is one of the major members to the Android os project. As a member, it has direct access to the newest improvements, and is free to make its variations and market them under its brand. As per the newest research, Samsung is the biggest Android OS cellular manufacturer, and is probably the most successful smart phone and tablet manufacturing organization.

Samsung’s association with Android OS is most popular with its Galaxy sequence of cellular phones and tabs. The Galaxy S4 smart phone is currently the most advanced and sophisticated smart phone in the world, equipped with functions such as Air Gesture and Dual Shot camera functions. The native application collection of Android os is usually enhanced by Samsung designers by installing their own user interface and standard applications. Apart from the Galaxy S sequence, Samsung has several other mid-budget and low-budget cellular phones that run on different editions of the Android OS. While the core user interface and standard applications remain the same, these devices usually differs in the screen size and the hardware capacity. The Android OS  is also used to run other devices such as tabs. The Galaxy Tab and the Note sequence serve different product gadgets of various display sizes, and are placed at different price levels. In fact, the popularity of Android os tabs led Samsung to design phones that have a little bit large displays and provide several functions of a traditional product. A few gadgets from the Note sequence are created for this multiple purpose, and the term “phablet” has been created to rationalize the twin nature of these gadgets.