December 3, 2023

We’ve all been there; showing off our new smartphone and bam! We’ve dropped it on the floor, scuffing up the shell, and if we’re especially unlucky, cracking the screen. Fortunately, there are products out there to help us protect our devices. These include screen protectors, skins, cases and more. We’ve all learned that lesson that we must purchase products that help us keep our smartphones and other devices looking brand new. We all buy screen protectors right off the bat, but there are more options out there than just the overly expensive stuff that you can get in the store.

An affordable and awesome option I’ve recently learned of is smartphone skins. These exclusive smartphone skins are an exceptional pick for protecting your device. Obviously, these skins protect your phone but they do it stylishly and are made with superior materials to give your device all the best protection available. These skins are made of superior grade Official 3M Vinyl. This vinyl is incredibly resistant to wear and scratches, and is easily cleaned with a wet cloth. 3M vinyl is so awesome that it has an outdoor weather resistance rating for up to 5 years!

Skins for smartphones are made of superior grade official 3M Vinyl. They even have exclusive smartphone skins of carbon fiber. These skins are the best way to protect your phone from the scrapes and dings of regular everyday use. These exclusive smartphone skins are cut to fit each device precisely so that you get superior coverage of all surfaces.

I want to talk to you a little about the carbon fiber skins, because well… this is my favorite of the available skins. These are available in black, white, and an exclusive Ferrari red. The texture is made by having 9 ridges that mimic a real dry carbon fiber look. As with all the other options, this is extremely resistant to wear and allows users to have a stylish-looking phone for a long time.


These skins are not only useful at protecting your phone but they are also great looking! These exclusive items come in a few other different textures and styles, including titanium, leather, true colour, wood and carbon fiber. Each option is available in different colours, excluding wood. These options make sure that everyone has something that they want in a skin. And when you want to change your skin to another one, the 3M vinyl doesn’t leave adhesive residue behind so you’re able to switch at will without ruining the original shell of your device!


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