June 5, 2023

Industrial ComputersIndustrial grade computers refer to X86 personal computing platforms for all industrial applications. These kinds of computers are mainly used for data acquisition and process control. There some cases where industrial grade computers are simply used as front end to another computer in a processing surrounding that is distributed. The software can be an off the shelf package like wonder ware, Twin CAT, Labtech notebook or a custom written for a particular application. It is important to note that an application for industrial grade computers may simply need the I/O like the serial port provided by the motherboard. However, there are other cases where expansion cards are installed to offer digital and analog I/O, expanded communication ports, specific machine interface among others as needed by the application.

Industrial upgrade computers provides a full line of rackmount slide rail kits, KVMs , LCD monitors and keyboards to support all the needs for your industrial computer. These types of computers also incorporates the most recent industrial upgrade features like long life back plane combination and single board computers so as to offer the ultimate capabilities for expansion. Majority of the industrial upgrade computer systems entails high flow long life cooling fans, washable filters as well as options for hard drives and redundant power supplies. These computers are also properly designed to provide many years of operation without any trouble.

Generally, it is worth noting that industrial upgrade computers are typically characterized by being produced in lower volumes compared to the office or home personal computers. They also cost considerably more than the office style computers with same performance. An industrial personal computer’s subset is the panel personal computer where an LCD display is incorporated into similar enclosure as other electronics and motherboard. Typically, these are panel mounted usually without environmental sealing and include models which are explosion proof installation into surroundings that are hazardous.

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