June 11, 2024

An internet dongle can greatly improve the speed of your home WiFi network, enabling you to enjoy streaming videos and online gaming without interruption. It can also connect smart home appliances and devices like air purifiers and water geysers seamlessly.

Dongles connect to laptop and computer USB ports and create their own WiFi network to get you connected. Most networks provide these on a short-term, pay monthly or pay-as-you-go basis – some even offering unlimited data usage plans!

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TP-Link offers an expansive collection of networking products designed to meet customer needs. Their wireless routers and smart devices feature cutting-edge technology at competitive prices, as well as offering features specifically tailored to student networking requirements.

TPLink manufactures an expansive lineup of routers, access points, switches and network cards from their powerline network adapters (using electrical wiring as transmission medium for computer networking signals) through to laptops with malfunctioning internal wireless network adapters or desktop computers without Ethernet ports. These devices provide solutions for laptop users without Ethernet ports as well.

TP-Link WiFi networks offer several benefits that can make learning simpler and more effective for students. One key benefit is providing students with access to educational resources and assignments instantly regardless of where they are, helping them work at their own pace without potential barriers standing in their way of success. Furthermore, setting up and securing these WiFi networks with ease.


Asus is one of the world’s premier computer hardware manufacturers for good reason, producing innovative products with numerous award wins to its name. Their goal is to explore new horizons by tapping human imagination in pushing technology further forward; their name derives from mythological winged horse Pegasus who represents strength, purity and adventure – an appropriate symbolism.

Asus boasts an incredible variety of products, such as desktops and laptops, 2-in-1s, tablet computers, smartphones and computer accessories. Their flagship mobile devices include Zenfone series smartphones with outstanding features and stunning designs; in addition, powerful gaming laptops under its ROG brand feature discrete graphics cards and advanced cooling systems for optimal performance. In addition to these offerings, Asus also makes motherboards, DVD drives and other components.


Netgear (NTGR) provides networking products designed for small and mid-sized business as well as home users. Their solutions allow consumers to share Internet access, peripherals, files and digital media content using wired and wireless connections; as well as sharing Internet access among multiple personal computers or mobile devices. Based out of Santa Clara, California; their headquarters can be found here.

Home users of Netgear routers also benefit from an array of networking accessories like USB hubs, switches, power strips and storage solutions provided by the company. Furthermore, Netgear Genie, an easy desktop application designed to help manage and configure routers quickly is available both for PCs and Macs – it provides a simple dashboard for monitoring, controlling and repairing home networks – free software download from Netgear’s website. Likewise, businesses of all kinds can take advantage of network security solutions available globally by Netgear’s presence across over 30 countries – providing customers access.

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