July 22, 2024

2BD5R5M LONDON, UK - April 7th 2020: Popular Zoom video conference app on a smartphone

Internet calling apps allow users to make calls between two devices without using traditional phone services. These services work on PCs, mobile phones and tablets and are free for most users.

Skype is one of the best applications for internet calling, enabling users to make and receive voice calls over the web. It also supports video chat and messaging features.


Skype is an internet calling app that enables users to make voice calls, video calls and chat online with others. It works on computers, smartphones and tablets alike.

Skype’s features are user-friendly and provide excellent communication quality. Setting up and integrating with other Microsoft applications is effortless, making it a popular choice for business users.

This service is free to download and offers low cost international calling rates. However, you can upgrade to pay-for features like text translation or premium video conferencing at an additional cost.


WhatsApp is an app that enables users to send free text, voice and video messages to other users. It’s also an excellent way for individuals to stay in touch with friends and family.

Platform independent, it works on iPhones, Android devices and computers alike. All messages sent and received are encrypted end-to-end so only the sender and recipient have access to them.

You can also customize your messages with emojis and stickers, add media files, and record audio messages. Plus, the app lets you share your location in real-time!

Businesses can leverage WhatsApp to foster customer engagement by sending automated messages, responding promptly to inquiries, and offering promotional offers. They may also create groups with customers in order to share product updates, collect feedback, and improve their services.


Viber is an internet calling app available worldwide that’s free and easy-to-use. With it, users can communicate using text, photos, stickers and GIFs – perfect for global communication!

This app is accessible on both iOS and Android devices, making it simple to send a message, share a location or even set up group chat for up to 250 people!

Viber offers voice and video calling in addition to texting. You can also send files, stickers and emojis.

Viber, an internet calling application, can be employed by businesses to offer customer service. It’s one of the few messaging applications that provides 24/7 support and prompt replies to queries.


CallHippo is an internet calling app that assists startups and small businesses to set up virtual phone numbers in more than 50 countries. With its user-friendly interface and robust backend architecture, businesses can get their virtual phone system up and running quickly.

Business can assign local numbers to their sales, support and marketing teams in a matter of seconds – an ideal solution for expanding businesses who wish to establish a presence overseas without needing to hire additional staff or invest in physical infrastructure.

Its call center feature enables teams to manage all inbound and outbound calls, monitor conversations for improved customer care, and assess agents’ productivity. Furthermore, its cloud-based contact center software is seamless and can be scaled up or down easily at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-premise solutions.


8×8 is a cloud-based business phone system with video conferencing, team chat and contact center capabilities. It offers various X series plans tailored to individual needs – including unlimited calls in both the US and Canada.

The company provides a centralized administrative interface for user provisioning, system configuration and management. Furthermore, it integrates the 8×8 platform into existing apps and software to enhance productivity and facilitate communication.

Businesses can select between three subscription plans based on the number of users and features required, starting at $15 per user monthly. Its Express plan offers unlimited domestic calling, an easy-to-use auto attendant, audio/video conferencing, file sharing, and team messaging capabilities.

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