June 12, 2024

The Internet Network Information Center (InterNIC) is a government organization created to coordinate directory services and other services for non-military Internet participants. In 1992, the National Science Foundation (NSF) held a competitive bidding process to select a company to manage InterNIC. InterNIC provided directory and information services for the Internet and also managed domain name registrations. The organization currently manages InterNIC’s website and is the primary source of public information about domain names.

The organization also tracks the latest developments in internet policies and technologies and coordinates with international organizations. It hosts important international conferences and activities and works to create a conducive environment for scientific research. CNNIC is an important foundation for China’s internet development. It is a national center that helps promote internet development. Listed below are some of the services offered by CNNIC. Once you’ve chosen the right service provider, you’re on your way to a smooth transition to a new Internet world.

Asia Pacific Network Information Centre – The APNIC is a member-based open organization. Its mandate includes managing Internet number resources throughout the Asia-Pacific region. It also manages public whois databases and reverse DNS zone delegations. In addition to its role as a building block of the Internet, APNIC supports regional Internet infrastructure development and provides forums for internet policy development. In addition, the organization publishes insightful research and participates in multistakeholder models.

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