November 29, 2022

moving-imagesDifferent areas of expertise have been opened up for artists with the advent of the digital age. With the demand now for stock photos, high-quality graphics and content creation in this day and age, the phrase “starving” artists is no longer applicable, with the need to keep up with the daily internet traffic. You may want to think about a career in producing moving images, if you yourself are a visual artist, as this is a feat both challenging and rewarding.

The challenge is in familiarizing yourself with those technologies involved in the moving images creation. The use of CGI, or computer-generated imagery, to create videos and photographs will require the mastery of a few software technologies. The mastery of a few of these technologies is so vital due to the variety of the visual products demands. CGI entails the creation of dynamic, static, 2D or 3D images that can then be turned into video games, printed media, advertisements, films, simulators and truly many other applications.

Because of the vast number of content and images floating through the internet, you cannot overemphasize the need for creativity and originality. This can pose a difficult but very worthwhile threshold to be met, if you are an artist. Coming up with a visually-stunning but thought-evoking piece, or producing a viral and well-regarded piece is truly a feat on it’s own and is a herculean task that a true artist will be anxious to take on. And an entirely new medium is provided to artists and programmers by CGI. As much as watercolor or oil require training, careful precision in planning and execution is also demanded in rendition of CGI content. And it is even more difficult because to produce photographs that are sharp and clear, they are no longer above the rest. The truth is that the most expensive smartphones along are capable of producing crisp and clear images. The truth is that it will require innovation and creativity to produce a standout image. Also, every day newer technologies are being introduced meaning that the CGI developer can not simply remain static, but to remain competitive, must be continually updated.

It is to a new high that the complexities of photography and content creation have been raised by the evolving digital age, but it is in fact an industry that is both intellectually and financially rewarding. This just might be the career for you, if you are the type of person that enjoys constantly reinventing the box!

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