June 11, 2024

Setting up, moving or expanding server storage for your company’s data center is a complex project that can significantly improve how your business handles essential information. Using the suitable racks, rails and layout for your storage room will ensure that the spaces are functional now and into the future.

Plan the Layout

Your first step is to plan the layout of your storage space. Remember to consider where the power outlets are located, the space requirements for the hardware and racks, and how technicians will move in the space. You can work with a rack and stack services Secaucus NJ company to design a layout to fit your space and servers, order the proper hardware for the job and even have the system installed by the pros.

Understand the Power Requirements

You and the building manager will need to understand the power requirements of your storage system to provide enough power circuits for the servers. You will also need to ensure the power cords have the correct PDU for the equipment and avoid overloading the building’s electrical system. The sooner in the setup process you meet with the building manager, the easier it will be to move or add power system pieces to fit your needs.

Have the Right Tools and Hardware

On the days you are setting up the racks and rails, you will want to have the right tools and hardware for the job. The first thing you should check is if the rails and racks are from the same brands or if you will need adapters to fit them together; it is also a good idea to double-check the size of your hardware pieces. You will want to equip your toolset with screwdriver drill bits of the types used in your hardware, as well as a box cutter and tie wraps.

There are many factors to consider when setting up a server storage for your company’s data. It is good to consult with the pros to make sure you have the right layout, power requirements, and hardware for the job and the space.

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