October 5, 2023

PBXPBX – an abbreviated form of Private Branch Exchange is a system which links public telephone switched networks and telephone extensions. It is an efficient way to provide an internal communication for a business enterprise. itPBX is a company providing a superior quality services like VoIP to small and medium sized enterprises. There are various services provided by itPBX ensuring the business to enjoy the best of solutions and helps to reduce expenses for long distance networking as it provides a single network for data and voice. There is no need for installing any additional hardware equipment for enjoying services as it is cloud-based. The software includes recording of calls, fax facilities, integration of computer telephony system, and conference facility apart from the PBX services.

ItPBX provides a custom solution which helps a business enterprise to increase its productivity, improvise the security system, improving efficiency and is cost effective helping to reduce the money spent on such services.  You can visit the website to get a personalised quote based on the needs best suited for your business requirements. They have well trained accounts specialist who will be helping you with the most accurate quote free of cost. ItPBX understands the need of communication required in any business to make it run successfully and provides your enterprise with the best Voice over IP solutions. It offers a wide range of VOIP phones which is built with SIP technology facilitating calls over an IP networks or any traditional networks.

There is a dedicated technical team as IT support based in itPBX which recruits most efficient IT personnel who works towards providing you the best of technical support in case you need one. ItPBX provides the full package of services providing as a supplement to your technical department. Apart from these services, they also provide a solution which is cost effective meeting your business requirements and ultimately saving cost and valuable time. They provide a virtual IVR services too in case you do not wish to get PBX in full scale. This way your business will seem more professional and larger keeping your expenses involved in this to its minimum possible costs. With itPBX, you can get the best of services at most affordable price comparing to other PBX system who installs hardware keeping it a traditional way. The cloud-based system is a safest way to get PBX services which comes with a backup solution ensuring that you do not lose any data.

ItPBX is one company providing wide range of services to your phone systems making it the most cost effective system covering connectivity ranging from short distance to international calling services. The service covers every corner of your business enterprise so that everyone can use the extension services as well as the internet connection. Your staff members can be in touch with you along with your customers. On adding more employees, you can also add more extensions as this is a scalable system helping your business to prosper and grow without worrying about communication systems as itPBX will take care of it.

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