February 25, 2024

Many industries today rely on very small, very precisely made mechanical components. Developments in computerized machining have made it possible to create the tiny parts used in the automobile, aerospace and electronics industries, as well as medical implants.

Precise Mechanical Components

If you are creating a product that requires these precise mechanical pieces, you might find yourself wondering where to get them. There are many small businesses, like a mechanical component company Farmingdale NY, that specialize in these types of items. These companies use Computer Numerically Controlled equipment, or CNC machines, to mill, turn, press and grind the tiny parts.

Requirements for these components vary from industry to industry, but there are some general rules of thumb, including:

  • Parts must be extremely precise and made to exacting tolerances (0.01-0.05 mm.) with an absolutely smooth finish.
  • The components need to be extremely clean to work properly.
  • These pieces are very small–up to an inch and a half or less, basically the size of a dime.
  • The less the parts are handled the better.

Industries That Use Extremely Small Parts

Many industries use tiny pieces made to precise requirements. Here are some examples:

  • Automotive – As cars and trucks have become more computerized over the years, the industry has become increasingly dependent upon precisely machined parts. 
  • Aerospace and Airline – Components in engines and systems are not only necessary for successful flights and missions, but also responsible for the safety of employees and passengers.
  • Electrical and Electronics – Today’s cell phones and electronic devices are far more powerful and vastly smaller than their earlier counterparts.
  • Medical – Whether it is spinal surgery, joint replacement or inserting a pacemaker, the parts that go into people’s bodies are precision machined components.  Materials like titanium, plastic and ceramics are used to create these items that keep people alive. 

Today’s medical, transportation and computing marvels are thanks to the ability to create tiny, precisely made components through specialized CNC processes that use unique materials and equipment. The world runs on precise mechanical components.

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