February 25, 2024

The Panasonic ToughBook is the best choice when it boils down to purchasing a laptop, tough enough to survive the rigours of daily drops, transport, and other extremes. The Panasonic ToughBook 20 has raised the ToughBook to new levels although there are different models with different features, specifications, and mobile performance. This is a hybrid laptop-tablet that has received the title of the lightest and thinnest tough two-in-one of PC World.

Choosing a Panasonic ToughBook
We all know how quickly computer technology evolves. Compared to models released in following years a ToughBook you purchased one year ago is a technological dinosaur. When it boils down to choosing a Panasonic ToughBook, the ToughBook CF-20 has many impressive features that make it the number one. Tipping the scales at less than 3.9 lbs, it is designed for field professionals and others on the move. Its six different modes make it a multipurpose device, well suited to a variety of conditions.

Panasonic ToughBook 20 Features
The device is ultra-fast, thanks to its Intel Turbo Boost technology and a powerful Intel core vPro processor. This model has been tested for resistance to water and dust and operates at full potential at extreme temperatures.

This model boasts of a battery life of seven hours, which can be extended up to 14 hours with a replaceable battery. You can drop it from 4′ without damaging it and boasts of an IPS ultra-brightness display, ideal for outdoor use. You can operate the glove-enabled touchscreen with wet hands. Business operators find it extremely user-friendly, thanks to its desktop port replicator, while operators on the move appreciate the purpose-built vehicle mount.

Panasonic ToughBook Benefits
Those deciding about the Panasonic ToughBook to buy prefer the 20 model as it is fully rugged, light, ultra-thin, modern looking, and offers superior performance and a long battery life. This model is designed keeping field professionals in mind who require their device to withstand some of the extreme moments of the job.

This model, using leading technology, offers users the best display and processing experience versatile enough for outdoor and indoor use. Its ability to withstand temperature as well as weather extremes makes it an ideal choice.

The needs and the expectations placed on the laptops by their users are intense, when it comes to working in the field, and the Panasonic ToughBook 20 not just meets but exceeds them all. Buy one today and see how it changes your computing experience for the better.

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