Building Better Electronics More Quickly

Building Better Electronics More Quickly
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Moore’s Law states that you can expect the capabilities of computers to increase every couple of years while the units themselves become cheaper. This is largely because innovations in computing are centered around making so-called smart technology more accessible in more areas and to more people. Two related areas where these innovations are showing up are surface-mount devices and printed circuit boards.

Surface-Mount Devices

Surface-mount devices are usually placed on printed circuit boards by robots, making assembly of computer components quicker and easier. Because pick and place technology can be done without humans, it can be in a sealed system without an air mixture which is optimum for both humans and static electricity which can ruin the components. This technology also allows for assembly line construction of items such as cellular phones, televisions and military equipment. Since you can buy surface-mount devices and the printed circuit boards, you can even assemble them by yourself on a smaller scale.

Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards are made by etching designs in a fiber glass infused epoxy resin. These designs are then filled with a conductive metal, usually copper or silver, to move energy between the circuits. You can then mount devices on these boards by hand or with the aid of robots depending on your needs. For instance, if you are building your own prototype, then you will probably want to build the board yourself for testing and then use robots to mass produce and sell the finished project.

When you combine surface-mount devices with printed circuit boards, you can improve the speed at which you can create better electronics. With all of the innovations over the last few years, you can go from prototype to sellable product in just a couple of months to stay ahead of the tech game. You can also use these items to build your own hobby computers and to learn about the process.

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