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East Grinstead, UK. 27 February, 2020. Condale Plastics

You’ve probably heard of aluminum extrusion, and you can also apply the same process to plastics. In fact, many plastic companies have come to rely on custom extrusion. Whether you are looking at this for manufacturing or production, you should learn some more about it before deciding which method would work best for you. 

How Does Plastic Extrusion Work?

Extrusion involves forcing raw materials through a die to create a product. These dies can have unique shapes and profiles to create different objects. Plastic is one of the materials that you can force through a die. The result can range from small objects to large sheets of plastic. 

What Is Custom Extrusion?

Skilled professionals can offer customized extrusion processes. This is a great option for manufacturers that need solid and hollow parts using hot or cold extrusion. Additionally, these methods are great for smaller parts. For instance, many manufacturers choose to customize coatings for conduits, chains, and ropes. 

Are There Other Methods?

While customized hot and cold extrusion is popular, another option is friction. This involves using rotation to generate friction. Here, the die will rotate around the plastic. As it does, a slug will pass through the die, also rotating, leading to friction between materials and shaping the plastic. 

What Are the Benefits?

Going custom has several benefits. For instance, manufacturers can create a wider range of products than with standard friction extrusion. Additionally, the dies are relatively cheap and easy to produce. This keeps prices lower for custom products. 

How Do You Choose a Provider?

To get these benefits, you must choose the right provider. Going with a trusted company will help your business save time and money. They can also help you take your manufacturing business to the next level by providing on-site visits and projects. 

Plastic extrusion has become a common process in manufacturing companies. This process can be based on a standard or custom method. To get the many benefits, you must find a trusted provider. This will take your business to the next level. 

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