June 5, 2023

If your vehicle has an automatic transmission, you may have seen the check engine light come on without understanding what prompted it. There are several things that could cause that dashboard light to flick on. If any of the following signs of trouble are also apparent, you probably have transmission trouble.

One: Slipping Gears

If you’re driving along and suddenly it feels like you just switched gears, this means your transmission is slipping. Rough shifting is a similar problem, and it feels like the auto is refusing to move from one gear to another. There may be a clunking sound when the vehicle does shift gears. You may also hear a change in the pitch of your engine or hear a high whining sound. Finally, you may have noticed that your car isn’t accelerating as you’re used to.

Two: Delayed Motion Forward

When this happens, you’ll experience a delay between moving into drive and progress forward. Vehicles with automatic transmission generally move forward as soon as you make the change. If you shift from park to drive and there’s a long pause while the car revs without moving forward, it’s time to contact power transmission san antonio mechanics for diagnostics and repairs.

Three: Leaking Fluids

The units making up your transmission should be sealed, keeping fluids inside. If there are spots of fluid on the surface under your automobile, take steps to determine where the leak is located. A piece of cardboard can be slid under the car, letting you know whether the leak is in the transmission and how fast fluid is leaking. Transmission fluids tend to be bright to dark red or even brown. Don’t wait to take your car into an auto service shop.

That check engine light could mean another problem, but combined with any of these signs, it is likely to be a transmission issue. However, any signal of automobile trouble should send you to a mechanic. Catching problems early keeps them small and less expensive.

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