4 Technology Advancements That Have Changed the Car Wash Industry

4 Technology Advancements That Have Changed the Car Wash Industry
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As a car wash owner, you likely already know the impact technology advancements have on your business. With many new advancements that can increase efficiency, enhance user convenience, and increase profits, your business has more potential than ever. It is important that you are aware of trends and advancements in the industry so you can make upgrades and keep a step ahead of your competitors. Here are four advancements that have changed the car wash industry that you should consider implementing in your own facility.

Maintenance and Monitoring Software

Modern technology allows car wash owners to able to easily manage and monitor every aspect of their facility so they can properly maintain their car wash from any location and call in the aid of car wash repair serviceswhen needed. 

Customized Wash Systems

New technology, like Innovative Control Systems (ICS), allows car washes to offer a customized experience to each customer by using special technology to measure the size of each vehicle and sense any important special features the car might have. This allows for the optimum wash of each individual car that enters your car wash, which leads to higher customer satisfaction. 

Illumination Systems 

While bright, colorful lights might not make the vehicles that go through your car wash any cleaner, illumination systems are important for offering your customers guidance as they go through your car wash and impressing them with a colorful light display. Apart from making the car wash experience more enjoyable, these illumination systems are likely to be seen by intrigued passersby. 

RIFD Technology 

Customers expect a quick and easy experience when they enter your car wash. RIFD technology uses RFID tags to help keep track of customers and make payments as easy as can be. Using RFID tags are a quick way to build a loyal customer base since individuals will need to enroll in a subscription program to use this technology. 

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