August 13, 2022

Writing about something you love, especially something you are incredibly passionate about, can be both fun and cathartic. You get to get your knowledge of a subject out to like minds—plus, you might make some extra cash from your stellar writing skills.

However, not everyone has hundreds of dollars to drop on a professional publisher. Which is where self-publication becomes a great idea. And this article is all about how to prepare to write and self-publish that book on your life’s passion.

Make a List of What You Love, Pinpoint Your Passion, and Collect Information to Fill a Book About It
How do you know what you’re passionate about? Passions are things that you love to do and could live your whole life doing just that one thing. If you have more than one and want to write a book, you could make a list of what you love and pinpoint your biggest passions from those lists. You can either write it down and go old-fashioned with your lists. Or go the voicescribe route with a miniature carry-everywhere recorder. Then research to collect more information about the topic to garner enough info to fill multiple chapters.

Who Would Love to Read Your Book? Who is Your Audience?
Is your topic a popular one? Who would your audience be? Put yourself in the shoes of a reader and consider what you would like to see in a book about what you’re passionate about. Answer questions that a novice might have. But also delve into more advanced questions for those that have been passionate about your topic for quite some time.

Book a Night or Two in a Local Hotel with the Goal of Writing—and Perhaps Finishing—Your Book
Cheap hotels are awesome places to go for a weekend of peace, quiet, and no-interruptions writing. If you need somewhere to write, and maybe even finish, your book, check into a local hotel for a night or two. Order a pizza and some of your favorite snacks, ignore the free cable, and get comfy with your laptop keyboard for a few hours.

Tip: Formatting is a huge issue when it comes to self-publication. Before you ever start writing your book, make sure you research how to format—i.e. introduction, chapters, etc. Having this kind of structure from the get-go will help you keep your content well-organized and closer-prepared for publication.

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